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The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory expands its facilities from the end of 2020 until March 31, 2021. ...


LabDER is a pioneer in biomass gasification systems in the Valencian region and Spain. The laboratory has two biomass gasification plants, each with a power of 10 kWe, the first one works by means of the technology called downdraft fixed bed and the other one is bubbling fluidized bed gasification plant. The generated gas is used for power generation through an internal combustion engine. In the power generation plants, the power generation through biomass gasification is investigated, mainly using woody biomass, although other biomass sources can be tested . The plants are designed, built and launched by the own research group .

Gasificador Lecho Fluido

Diagrama Gasificador

Watch video of the fluidized bed gasificationplant of LabDER.

LabDER also has a biomass boiler with a nominal power of 15 kW , which the team investigate optimization techniques of biomass burning , depending on its characteristics. The quality of combustion is analyzed by a gas analyzer , by means of this devise is possible to mesure the concentration in volume of: CO , CO2 , O2 , NOx and SOx. Im addition, losses and efficiency are calculated in the combustion process.


LabDER also has equipment which can carry out the preparation of biomass for use in both: a boiler and gasifier. The available devises are: a crusher, a hammer mill and a pelletizer.

Biomass Treatment

It also has a laboratory for characterization of biomass by determination of its related power generation parameters: ash, heating value, volatile solid fraction , density, etc. 

Along with studies of hybrid systems including biomass systems, infrastructure LabDER in this field allow further lines of R & D undertaken in IIE as: comprehensive utilization of biomass resources in the Valencia region, methodologies for ensure technical, economic and logistics of biomass use and developing the concept of biorefinery viability.