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UPV has contributed to the elaboration of the Whitepaper on industrial heat pumps, which presents an...
The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory will carry out an update of its facilities during the year 2020. ...


LabDER has a photovoltaic solar plant of 2.1 kWp, consisting of crystalline silicon panels (monocrystalline and polycrystalline). The panels are located in the roof of the laboratory. A grid inverter is used to connect the system to the power utility grid or a generator. The grid inverter is single phase, although the micro-grid is three-phase. In the future it is planned to extend the photovoltaic solar system and convert it in a three-phase network. The generation can be monitored by the energy management system, allowing the study of hybrid systems including the photovoltaic system. In order to evaluate the impact of different brands and technologies, working independently and with the hybrid system, is planned to test with different panels.

Paneles solares