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Basically, a micro-grid is a low voltage distribution network electrical distribution net. Therefore, it includes distributed energy sources, storage devices, loads, and control systems. Nevertheless, although each energy source has the same functionality as in a large scale network, micro-grid management, control, and diagnosis differ from high scale networks so all these aspects must be adapted.

Diagnosis and Control

LabDER faces network management under two main control policies: energy efficiency and fast electricity demand.

A data acquisition and storage system is also developed. This system is able to perform a detailed power consumption of each system in LabDER.

Operacion microrred

The Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis system will allow the user to know the state of each device in the LabDER network. Therefore, maintenance and repairing scheduling could be optimized so network reliability will be increased.

The system compares real time data acquired from each device with simulated data. The simulator includes analytic and heuristic models. Each one of the signals and residues inputs an intelligent system that computes the current state of each device and the possible faults.