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The LabDER hydrogen system works as an energy storage system which can consume production excess from renewable energy sources. This hydrogen can be used as energy source when others sources connected to the micro-grid does not allow to supply the energy demand.

The hydrogen system is composed by a 7 kW electrolyser which produce 1 Nm3 of hydrogen at 4 bar pressure and a purity of 99.8%. This impurity rate is not acceptable to be used in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Thus, it is necessary to increase purity until 99.99%. To do that, a DPSH6 purifier is used.



The G2 electrolyser is an industrial product that produces as much hydrogen as the supply line demands. Our storage system aim is to consume the excess of energy production from the other renewable sources. Regulating the hydrogen flow demanded by the line is the way to achieve it. Storage system is a 50 geometric liters bottle that is allow up to 200 bar of pressure. This storage method combines the bottle intrinsic security with minimum space. However, it is necessary to use energy to compress hydrogen and it should be taken into account. Pressure increasing is made by a Booster compressor. It allows increasing the pressure from 4 bar in the electrolyser outlet up to 200 bar, using compressed air as pilot air supply. Moreover, piston displacement speed determines how much hydrogen is consumed from the line. Thus, this element is used to control how much energy is consumed by the electrolyser. Hydrogen purifier, solenoid valve and booster use 6 bar compressed air to pilot it from a SILNH 700-300 compressor.

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Fuel Cell

Storage hydrogen is consumed by a PEM fuel cell Nexa 1200 from Ballard. A DC/AC converter inject into the micro-grid the energy produced by the fuel cell (this converter is not yet connected).