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UPV has contributed to the elaboration of the Whitepaper on industrial heat pumps, which presents an...
The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory will carry out an update of its facilities during the year 2020. ...


Main objectives for LABDER are:

• Study of HRES with total power in the range of 10s of kWe, by optimizing their feasibility by innovative interconnection and storage techniques.

• Development of control solutions to guarantee a reliable electricity supply.

• Application of HRES to non-interconnected areas

• Study the potential of hydrogen as an energy vector and storage solution in HRES.

• Improvement of the renewable energy sources efficiency, both in individual and hybrid systems.

• Study of microgrid in applications based on renewable sources.

LabDER is located inside the  campus of Vera at the Universitat Politècnica de València.