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The projects for 2008-2010 period, either completed or still in development phase, are detailed in next paragraphs.

Projects developed earlier can be seen in the Activity Report for the appropiate period.

“Análisis del comportamiento eléctrico frente a huecos de tensión de parques eólicos en el marco de las nuevas normativas”

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

Participantes: Gomez Lazaro, Emilio; Roger Folch, Jose; Leon Martinez, Vicente; Montañana Romeu, Joaquin

Periodo de ejecución: 2006 - 2009

The aim of this research project has been to analyze the wind farms behaviour in presence of voltage dips, and to propose the necessary measurements for the accomplishment of the new Spanish grid codes. Our objectives in this Project has been to formulate the active and reactive power expressions at the wind farm connection common point with the electric network during the voltage dips and to make one measuring instrument of such electrical quantities. 

“Optimización y generalización de un método para el diagnóstico de averías electromecánicas en máquinas de inducción basado en análisis transitorio”

Entidad financiadora: UPV. Vicerrectorado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación

Participantes: Antonino Daviu, Jose Alfonso; Puche Panadero, Ruben; Resina Muñoz, Enrique; Riera Guasp, Martin Victor; Roger Folch, Jose

Periodo de ejecución: 2007-2009

The aim of this research project is to optimize, under a mathematical perspective, the method for the diagnosis of rotor bar breakages in electrical induction machines, which was developed previously by the responsible for the project in his Doctoral thesis (Extraordinary PhD thesis award of UPV in 2007). Moreover, the application of the methodology to the diagnosis of other electromechanical faults such as incipient bar breakages, static or dynamic eccentricities and inter-turn short-circuits will be also carried out  in the project.

“Power Plants Robustification by Fault Diagnosis and Isolation Techniques (PRODI)”.

Entidad Financiadora: Comisión de las Comunidades Europeas

Investigador principal: José Roger Folch

Periodo de ejecución: 2008-2011

The goal of this project, funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Program (FP7), is to develop and validate new techniques for the detection and isolation of failures. These techniques are applied in the context of thermal power plants. The task of the research group of the UPV consists of modeling electrical machines and developing new diagnosis techniques able to be applied to the detection of eventual failures in AC electrical machines (both synchronous and asynchronous) operating in those types of power plants. The project, recently concluded (on March 2011) has led to excellent results such as different publications and staff interchanges (with the Universities of Novi Sad and Belgrade). Moreover, the work developed within the context of the project has led to the development of several novel diagnostic techniques as well as to their dissemination in Congresses and Conferences. In addition, important contacts have been established with partners of the project as well as with prestigious companies of the Balkan countries such as Victoria Oil and Bosio.

“PLC-PROG: Improving PLC programming through a new graphical development environment, object-oriented and independent of the manufacturer.”

Entidad financiadora: Comisión de las Comunidades Europeas

Investigador principal: Manuel Pineda Sánchez

Periodo de ejecución: 2010-2013

The objective of this project is the development of a PLC programming tool with the following characteristics: Based on object-oriented programming, but using an industrial model for the design of objects that constitute a PLC program. Extensible. The design of objects includes the ability to, apart from implementing its specific functionality, exchange data with programs of supervision and control (SCADA), databases (SQL), etc. Graphical Interface. Integration with existing development tools that compatible with the standard IEC-61131-3. Management of libraries for easy storage and retrieval of objects stored in them. Independence from the manufacturer. A post-processor generates brand specific code in the proper format for transfer to the PLC.

Therefore, the PLC-PROG software sets a new framework to simplify development of PLC software, providing a new level of development that is easier to use and understand, and which can reduce dramatically the development time of PLC programs development and construction control cabinets. As the project addresses an industrial need, the project has been conceived as a project "Collective", aimed at industrial business associations that offer the product PLC-PROG and appropriate training to their partners. 

“Desarrollo de técnicas de diagnóstico de averías electromecánicas en máquinas eléctricas de inducción basadas en la aplicación de métodos avanzados de análisis de señal”

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Educación

Investigador principal: Martín Víctor Riera Guasp

Periodo de ejecución: 2009-2012

The aim of this project is the development of new methods for the diagnosis of incipient faults in electrical induction machines. The methods will be more sensitive and reliable than those currently used and they will be also oriented to their application in systems for the predictive maintenance of electrical drives and wind generators. The diagnosis methods will be based on monitoring the main electrical, magnetic and mechanical quantities of the machine and the subsequent processing of the resulting signals, through the application of advanced signal processing techniques for the time-frequency analysis of transient processes. Numerical models of the induction machine will be also developed. These models will enable the analysis of this type of machines under general conditions and will consider different fault conditions. 

The generic objective of the project is to contribute to the development of predictive maintenance techniques, enabling the increase of the service time in industrial processes and wind farms and minimizing the losses due to unexpected interruptions caused by faults in induction machines.

“Planificación energética y mejoras en la distribución de la energía eléctrica”

Entidad financiadora: Conselleria de Empresa, Universidad y Ciencia

Participantes: Hurtado Perez, Elias-Jose; Puche Panadero, Ruben

Periodo de ejecución: 2007-2008

This project consists of the analysis of the models of energy planning developed by several international organizations, in order to determine the best models fitting the diverse economic structures of different countries. A more detailed study of the models able to be applied to developing countries was carried out; this would enable the detection of the deficiencies of these models when applied to these particular cases.

The second part of the project consisted of analyzing the losses in the electric power distribution networks, looking for indexes for their determination.


“Desarrollo de técnicas de clasificación automática; aplicación al diagnóstico de averías en máquinas eléctricas.”

Organismo Financiador:  Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Investigador Principal:  J. Roger Folch  Periodo de ejecución: 2010-2011

“La transformada wavelet en el tratamiento de señales eléctricas e imágenes biomédicas”

Organismo Financiador:  Generalitat Valenciana / Universitat Politècnica de València

Investigador Principal:  J. Roger Folch  Periodo de ejecución: 2007-2008