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The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory expands its facilities from the end of 2020 until March 31, 2021. ...

Nuclear Area Staff


  Alberto Escrivá Castells

 Professor of the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department of the UPV 

  Email:  aescriva @

José Luis Muñoz-Cobo González

  José Luis Muñoz-Cobo González

  Emeritus Professor of the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering of the UPV 

  Email: jlcobos @

  José Sancho García

  Associate Professor of the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering of the UPV 

  Email: jsancho @

  César Berna Escriche

  Assistant Professor of the Applied Statistics and Operational Research, and Quality Department of the UPV 

  Email: ceberes @

Lucas Álvarez Piñeiro Researcher
César Berna Escriche PhD Researcher
David Blanco de las Muelas Researcher
Yaisel Córdoba Grisolia
Alejandro Herrero Carrión Researcher
Yago Rivera Durán FPI