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The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory expands its facilities from the end of 2020 until March 31, 2021. ...


The Institute for Energy Engineering (IIE) participates since 2009 year in the PhD program of Industrial Engineering and Production of the UPV, developing the Energy Line in. This program has the Quality Mention awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

General information of the PhD programs in the UPV can be looked up in next link:

To obtain the PhD is necessary to pass both, an education period and also a research period.

The education period consists of the realization of the 60 ECTS of the Official Master in Energy Technology for the Sustainable Development. 

The research period consist of the realization of the doctoral thesis in some of the research lines of the PhD program under the guidance of one or some of the Thesis Directors of the Program. The appointment of the thesis Director is made by the Doctorate Academic Commission.

PhD THESIS  2014 - 2016

PhD THESIS  2011 - 2013

PhD THESIS  2008 - 2010