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IIE took the task of define and propose the Master in Energy Technology for Sustainable Development on. This Master was approved in 2007 by Generalitat Valenciana and also by the Education Ministry of Spain as an Official Master. 

Since the year 2015-16 although the attendance to classes remains mandatory, this Master undergoes significant changes from the past editions.

Regarding to the structure, the Master since 2015-16 will consist of 90 ECTS to be taught in a year and a half (compared to the current 60 ECTS taught in an academic course).

In the first year of the Master 60 credits of courses, minetras which reserves the six months following to the completion of the Master's Thesis, which happens to consist of 30 ECTS credits will be extended

• Structure: 1 year for the 60 ECTS of subjects+ 0.5 years for TFM 30 ECTS

• The subjects to be taught will be divided into two blocks: 

–Mandatory, focused on analysis, design and research. 

–Optional Subjects - with freedom to complement GIE training in one or more Energy fields.

Regarding to the admission:

• GIE Graduated people: Direct access

• Graduated people of other degrees: They should study some GIE matters. Each case will be analyzed individually by the Academic Committee of the Master.

You can see more information about this Master in the UPV site in this link.