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UPV has contributed to the elaboration of the Whitepaper on industrial heat pumps, which presents an...
The IUIIE Thermal Area laboratory will carry out an update of its facilities during the year 2020. ...


The availability of sufficient energy is essential for the development of mankind and is now a major problem for all nations, both developed and poor. Tackling this problem requires the development of new generation systems, optimization of the energy distribution and a rational and efficient use of energy. These three aspects form the fundamentals of any energy policy, which should also focus in reducing the environmental impact. 

The current energy scenario involves an increasing complexity. The solutions must be continually reviewed given the new energy research results and in turn, address with priority the projects which help to increase the production capacity, improve the distribution methods and energy savings and reduce the environmental impact. 

In the current situation, the previous energy issues have clearly become a key issue. 

The IIE, approved by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) on April 10th 2001, aims to: 

Develop R + D + I in the energy field with multidisciplinary research groups      

Provide foresight and energy assessment